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Welcome to the new mortgage business after Dodd-Frank.

Last year everyone was gravitating to the Federal Charters. That trend has definitely reversed. Since implementation of the new loan originator compensation regulations, most are finding that:

      1. Fed Charters have cut loan officer compensation,
      2. Bank loan pricing is not competitive, and;
      3. The time from application to close takes too long.

As a result, Fed Charter loan officers are not able to properly service their base of referral clients and at the same time are earning much less per closed loan.

Another pre-April 6, 2011 trend, everyone wanted to work for a correspondent lender.  No YSP disclosure, quicker underwriting, better pricing, etc. Sounds good, but many soon found that the correspondent products they had available to sell is very limited.

The result, correspondent loan officers are missing lots of originating opportunity because they just don't have all the loan products available.

The best scenario is to be a correspondent lender when you want to, or be a broker with a phenomenal menu of products available when you want that available. If you need 90LTV jumbo or light doc financing, you should have those products available.

If you have a team or whole office wanting to transition we should talk about that. The Diamond Affiliate Branch Arrangement is the best of the best.

So, what is the post April 6, 2011 trend?

Diamond Funding = A Correspondent lender that also brokers and can pay loan officers on Lender Paid Transactions as well as Borrower Paid Transactions. Sounds like a simple solution platform, but most correspondent lenders can't implement it. Those correspondent lenders that say they do both really don't fully embrace the broker channel. And they don't know how to pay loan officers on Borrower Paid Transactions.

Also, a branch manager able to be compensated on personal production as well as team overrides is another benefit at Diamond. Most others can't seem to accomplish this.

Diamond has the Virtual system designed so you will have the flexibility to originate mortgages your way, and receive much higher compensation on each loan.

Good rates, low costs, quicker turn times and higher earning potential are some of the benefits that help Diamond Funding stand out.

The time for a refreshing new approach to the mortgage business is right now, right here.



How is Diamond Different, and Better?

There is one thing that Diamond does better than anyone else… intently focuses the entire company attention on support and making loan officers happy. Far more so than any other opportunity available anywhere.

This simple, but highly important philosophy is the foundation of Diamond’s success. The vision for Diamond is to assemble a nationwide team of the best compensated, most successful, highly satisfied Loan Officers.

Sure, there are rules and restrictions since this is a highly regulated industry. But, every single operating procedure has a perfectly explainable reason and purpose. You will never feel that you are doing something that doesn't make sense.

A Diamond VLO has flexibility and many options. Options such as:

Work at home with access to our full technology, just like you were in the office.

Take advantage of effective processing. You originate, qualify, document and price your loans. Diamond will take it from there to disclose and get your loans closed fast. Smooth Closings with No Surprises.

"Dreaming your Goals" and "Living your Dreams"

The market is soft these days, but much of the competition has given up. With the right attitude, the right tools, the right knowledge and the right company behind you there is no reason not to succeed.

The Diamond Virtual Loan Officer opportunity is for the top 20% of loan officers that need no hand holding and are "currently active" in the mortgage originating business. A potential Diamond VLO is completely fluent in Fannie and FHA, and conducts themselves professionally in every aspect.

In Business for over 25 Years.

Diamond Funding Corporation was established in 1986. The company has a passion for developing satisfied customers and operating within compliance. A good reputation not only generates referral business, but also makes you feel good about the company that you represent.

You sell, approve, price the loan program, and gather the basic income and asset docs to insure the borrower meets the program guidelines. Diamond can do all the rest.

What We Do:

  • Compliance
  • Licensing
  • Audits
  • Bonding
  • Processing
  • Lead Generation
  • E&O Insurance
  • Renewals
  • Technology
  • Web Hosting
  • Support
  • Training
  • Investor Relations
  • Closing Docs
  • Secondary
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • IT Support
  • and Much More

What You Do:

  • Originate Loans
  • Get Paid


All The Right Pieces.

When matched with a top mortgage company offering the greatest technology, top notch processing and low loan costs, the best loan officers will win over the competition almost every time.


In-office LO positions currently available in MA, RI, PA, OH and WV.

Virtual positions currently available in AR, CT, FL, NH NJ, NY, MA, OH, PA, RI, WV and VA with other states coming soon. 

What We Look For:     
      Origination Experience
        Established book of business
      Entrepreneurial spirit
      Driven for results
      Profit minded
      Sound character
      Strong business ethics
      Currently Licensed as necessary

Put Diamond To The Test.

What drives Diamond every day is pursuit of mission to be "the best place for the best mortgage professionals". Nobody does mortgages better and we're ready to prove it. Find out more about joining the Diamond Team. 


Nothing beats a good conversation. Call Today.




Want some Diamond Plane Facts? Watch our video PlaneFactsVideo



for the
Top 20%
Loan Officers  

Please Call
for your personal introduction to the Diamond Virtual Loan Officer Opportunity.

You must be appropriately licensed with your state and current with all necessary CE.

Diamond  Believes in 4 Things:

  1. Working Hard       
   2. Happy Customers
  3. Having Fun           
 4. Making Money    

Opportunity is a Moving Target...

The bigger the opportunity, the faster it moves.

Happy Customers through
Smooth Closings.
No Surprises.

On your own,
but not alone.

We're Here To Help You Close Loans!

The Challenge:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

Diamond Offers Everything:

Jumbos, FNMA, FHA, VA, USDA, 203K, Reverse.

Paid Every Week.